Pirate Radio and Love Actually

Pirate Radio and Love Actually

            There are a number of similarities on Pirate Radio and Love Actually films. They revolve around love, one about, and the other for music. In Pirate Radio film, Carl falls in love with Marianne and in an on-board ceremony, Elenore gets married to DJ “Simple” Simon Swafford (Theodosiadou 39). In Love Actually movie, Mark, the best man orchestrates and videotapes a lovely wedding ceremony between Peter and Juliet. “All You Need is Love” is performed by a singer, choir, and a band as they walk down the aisle as a husband and wife (Ebert 2). Also, the newly appointed Prime Minister, David is recorded to have a feeling towards Natalie. They both seem to have a spark between them.

Consequently, both films are all about overcoming hurdles that constantly get in the way. For instance, from ships anchored in international waters, Pirate Radio stations broadcast pop and rock music to the United Kingdom. Ideally, the BBC did not broadcast pop and rock music. Due to low morals and commercialism, the government of the United Kingdom resolves to shut down the stations (Theodosiadou 45). What is more, the government resolves to cut of the revenues of the stations by barring British firms from advertising on radio stations that are unlicensed. To counter this, popular DJ Gavin Kavanagh is brought back out of retirement onto Radio Rock by Quentin so as to entice the advertisers to pay their bills from abroad as a way of working around the laws.

In addition, both movies contain tad complex plots.  Too many things go on at the same time hence getting in the way of film’s flow. The multiple plots and all the side stories lengthen and confuse the main story. On the other hand, one film has a wedding while the other has a funeral.  

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