Why List-Type Content is the Most Popular Form of Online Writing

Why List-Type Content is the Most Popular Form of Online Writing

Browsing the internet for valuable information can be difficult without proper keywords or titles to go for. Different types of content offer different context to similar topics that may or may not be relevant to what you are looking for.

Content creators and writers have come up with a solution to many of the issues found while using search engines to find what you are looking for. The so-called “listicles” or list-type articles are among the most popular if not the most popular type of article you will find on the web.

Why is this particular type of content so beloved by both writers and readers alike? Let’s take a look at the reasoning behind both sides and why we all love listicles so much.

  1. Clear structure and formatting

Writers are fond of list articles due to their nature. For example, if you are about to write an article about five different phones, you are able to “list” them before writing a single word within the article. List articles allow writers to easily outline their articles and blog posts without worrying about any unforeseen subheadings.

Formatting list articles is also fairly straightforward and requires simple numbering or bullet points to be applied. Once these symbols are in place, both writers and readers know which paragraph coincides with which part of the article, or in our case, phone.

  1. Easy to skim through

List articles are very easy to skim through in search of relevant terms and information. If you haven’t noticed by now, you are currently readying a listicle! This very article is an example of how you can easily write and format a listicle to suit your audience’s needs.

While skimming an article might sound counterintuitive, it’s quite the opposite. Readers often fly through an article in search of interesting subheadings and go back to the beginning if they are satisfied with what they saw – then they start reading. Your article’s topic might be about how to pay someone to write a paper for college students or a cooking guide for single moms – the topic doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that you apply a list-type structure to your article before you start writing any actual content. That way, you will ensure that you are always on topic and never stray too far from your original content idea.

  1. Higher chance of sharing

In today’s age of quick information and short attention spans, having your article shared with someone else is a privilege. Readers that come across listicles are often inclined to share them with their friends and colleagues. The reasoning behind this is simple – listicles are easy to digest and can be read even without a good grasp of English language.

The segmented structuring allows for easy reading and sharing of information from inside the article. List articles are also some of the most popular sources of information for college essay writing and paper writing in general due to their nature. The more coherent and legible your content is the more people will want to share it with their social circles. This is exactly what listicles can do for your blog or company website.

  1. Listicles provoke conversation

The easiest way to spark up a conversation on your social media page or company blog is to write a listicle featuring important topics in your niche. Listicles are often comprised of “Top X” products, services or anything that can be graded with objective or subjective thoughts.

As such, it’s often the case that audiences don’t agree with the writer’s opinions or among themselves. Conversations that lead to debates and opinions mean that you will effectively drive traffic in your site or social media page without lifting a finger to do so. Consider writing a couple of listicles pertaining to trending topics in your profession and see how your audience reacts to it.

  1. Context without prior knowledge

One of the best reasons to write listicles for your site is to bring new readers to your fold. Audiences without any prior knowledge of a certain topic can easily jump in and express their opinions by reading listicles.

They offer a digestible form of reading that doesn’t require expert knowledge or prior contact with a certain topic. While listicles can sometimes be specialized for professionals only, their primary attribute is that they are approachable and easy to grasp.


List type articles will continue to be the predominant force when it comes to online content writing. No matter what profession you are in or what topic you want to cover, formatting your content in this way will ensure that your message comes across effectively.

Listicles are easy to write, easy to read and provide fast and comprehensive approach to a wide variety of potential discussions. Don’t waste the opportunity by overlooking their benefits.

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